The faulty desire for PVP


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I have found over the past few years that my competitive desire to find satisfying PVP is somewhat misleading. I find that I yearn for a PVP game that provides competitive rankings and rewards yet somehow avoids the toxic atmosphere that comes with the territory. A few games have attempted different methods to combat this, notably limiting communication options to standard emotes or just restricting communication entirely. Although this helps, a lot of my frustration comes from my own competitve nature. When I was in high school I thoroughly enjoyed games such as Counterstrike 1.6 and Dota where I felt that my 1337 twitch skills rewarded bragging rights between irl and internet friends. Now these games just seem exhausting. My reaction time has slowed and my attitude, although intense, has recognized that I should move beyond the need to destroy my 12 yr old opponent. My gaming tendencies now seem to favor long term rewards. I want to get something out of my hour play session other than a high blood pressure.

I am excited for Overwatch and the casual nature that Blizzard brings to their recent titles/updates. Although this is still a PVP FPS the loot boxes and constant cosmetic rewards seem to satisfy my need for rewards.  I also am enjoying Warframe a great deal. This takes my old love for FPS gameplay and creates an effective MMO cooperative atmosphere. There are options for both short and longer play sessions. It is easy to set goal’s (and meet them) and there always seems to be a new event, mechanic or game development on the horizon. I highly recommend!

P.S. Any feedback or the layout or style is appreciated as this is my first attempt at a wordpress posting.


Creating new habits

This is my attempt at a long desired intention to start a gaming blog. As with many projects or wild ideas that spring into my brain I assume this will be a short lived affair, but heres to hoping!

I consider my self a casual gamer although in retrospect I most likely fall somewhere in the middle of casual and a hardcore raider. The amount of time I end up spending perusing my steam library for an exciting title tends to be just as long as I end up playing.

Currently I am surveying the MMO landscape hoping for a title to stand out of the pack and scream. PLAY ME! I HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!!! Unfortunately this has not happened in the past few months and I expect I will hold out until Draenor is released when I will succumb to another 6 months of a WoW subscription.

I have greatly enjoyed Loot 2.0 and the Reaper of Souls expansion. D3 feels like a the Diablo title I waited for 10 years to experience. How long it will feel this way is debateable but I am very happy they chose to close the AH and go back to the loot happy dungeon crawl that made Diablo a standout title.

I tend to jump between various MMO and Gaming blogs on wordpress and enjoy the various opinions and arguments placed by fellow minded computer fiends. I am a little unsure where to steer this blog and my thoughts in general and would very much appreciate commentary or direction. The Ancient Gaming Noob recently posted about the NBI – New Blogger Initiative and this seems to be a good place to start.

How I get their attention…is to be discovered.