This is my attempt at a long desired intention to start a gaming blog. As with many projects or wild ideas that spring into my brain I assume this will be a short lived affair, but heres to hoping!

I consider my self a casual gamer although in retrospect I most likely fall somewhere in the middle of casual and a hardcore raider. The amount of time I end up spending perusing my steam library for an exciting title tends to be just as long as I end up playing.

Currently I am surveying the MMO landscape hoping for a title to stand out of the pack and scream. PLAY ME! I HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED!!!! Unfortunately this has not happened in the past few months and I expect I will hold out until Draenor is released when I will succumb to another 6 months of a WoW subscription.

I have greatly enjoyed Loot 2.0 and the Reaper of Souls expansion. D3 feels like a the Diablo title I waited for 10 years to experience. How long it will feel this way is debateable but I am very happy they chose to close the AH and go back to the loot happy dungeon crawl that made Diablo a standout title.

I tend to jump between various MMO and Gaming blogs on wordpress and enjoy the various opinions and arguments placed by fellow minded computer fiends. I am a little unsure where to steer this blog and my thoughts in general and would very much appreciate commentary or direction. The Ancient Gaming Noob recently posted about the NBI – New Blogger Initiative and this seems to be a good place to start.

How I get their attention…is to be discovered.